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Making my Pledge for Paths to help and protect the places that I love to walk

I peek out from behind the sofa, hoping that the paths haven't come to call in my pledge yet. I have yet to complete all of my path quests. But this is not Game of Paths. I think I can complete this in my own time, in my own way, with no threat from dragons, royalty or the bank of Braavos. Which is just as well, as I have completed one of my pledges, with three more to go.

The Pledge for Paths is a call out by The Ramblers, for people all over the United Kingdoms to help and protect the places that they love to walk by promising just four things....

1) I will report path problems through the Pathwatch app    
2) I will walk my favourite path    
3) I will explore new paths in my area    
4) I will ask my friends to support this campaign

I have completed pledge number 2 by walking my favourite path in Norwich, down by the riverside and hopefully encompassing pledge 4 by sharing this pledge and asking my friends to join in and support the campaign by making their own pledges.

Norwich Rive…