Shakespeare's Timon of Athens, Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich

Shakespeare's Timon of Athens 
The Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich

From the 16th of February 2017, if you're a Shakespeare fan and theatre lover looking for What's on in Norwich, it could well be worth checking out The Sewell Barn Theatre.

It's a rare chance to see Timon of Athens, which is one of Shakespeare's least performed plays.  

It's also an opportunity to see it all, up close and personal. At Sewell Barn, there's no trying to peer over people's heads or between shoulders or needing binoculars to see what colour the actor's shirt is.  At the barn you can see the whites of the actor's eyes and the sweat on their brow as they tread the boards for your entertainment.

Despite being Shakespeare, it seems perfectly relevant for today.  A generous and kind man, gives freely to his friends, but his fortune falls out of favour, luck turns and the money begins to dry up. But that's ok, right?  All the people who came to the parties, shared a bottle or few, and took gifts a plenty will be there to help, right?  That's what friends are for...

Performance Dates

16-18, 22-25 February 2017 at 7.30pm
Matiné e 25 February at 2.30pm

"Timon of Athens is a complex essay on avarice, misanthropy and vengeance. Co-written with Thomas Middleton, it shines a light on to the dark, selfish and cold parts of how we relate to each other.

Ostentatious Timon loses a fortune, and with it a host of sycophants. In self-imposed exile, he finds a new fortune which brings the sycophants crawling back to him. But by then he has learnt to see through shallow flattery and helps purge Athens before his death.

This modern dress, sparse production aims to show how the play echoes through the banking crisis and austerity in contemporary Britain"   Sewell Barn Theatre


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