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Review: Crude Apache - Zastrozzi, The Master of Discipline, Dragon Hall, Norwich

It was my birthday last week and on Monday there was just nothing to do. I challenge you to find something to do in Norwich, on a Monday evening, when your budget is tighter than a tight thing. So when the opportunity arose to go and see Crude Apache's Zastrozzi on Friday evening, at half ticket price, that someone else was paying for no less, I jumped at it so hard I starfished full force and slid down the side into a happy, birthday heap of joy.

Dragon Hall I do tend to get overly excited about new things. So the fact that the play was being held at Dragon Hall in Norwich already had me enthralled. Prior to the play I'd never been to Dragon Hall before. I've had a thing about dragons since I was little. And who wouldn't? Dragons are cool. So I was happy to finally get a chance to go and have a look at the inside. Yes, I am well aware that, despite the name, Dragon Hall does not, in fact, contain real dragons.  If you don't know, Dragon Hall is a very old, hi…