Cancer Research UK Internship - Week 1 - 2

Cancer Research UK Internship - Week 1 - 2

This is meant to be in vlog form but to cut a long story short (of expensive popping light bulbs and lack of time) it's all in words.

I started a Marketing and Events internship with Cancer Research UK.  I thought it would be great to keep a record of what I work on over the coming weeks to give people a glimpse of what is involved in being an intern with "the world's largest independent cancer research charity". (1)

This seems to perfect moment to point out that that this will all be my own personal opinion and experiences of my internship and none of the views I will be expressing are those of CRUK unless I expressly point out that they are. I would like to thank my CRUK mentor for giving me permission to publish the photographs from our promotional events.

Monday 13th April 2015

Girl sitting on the chair sculpture located in the lobby of The Angel Building
     Photo by Rictor Norton & David Allen'
     The Angel Building, Islington' licensed under
     Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic  
Monday was an early, 5am start. I had to be in London at 10am for my induction at The Angel, Islington where Cancer Research UK has it's head office.
We grabbed drinks in the Angel Café, had icebreakers and sharing ideas session, before having a quick tour of the office.

We had presentations on the intern scheme and the work CRUK does, the services they provide and the stats showing just how important the work that they do is.

The list below is just a small part of what CRUK does:  
  • Funding research centres
  • Research into find cures for all 200 known cancers
  • Providing information to the public to help them make lifestyle decisions to prevent cancer
  • Providing cancer nurses to give advice
  • forums
  • lobbying government on healthcare issues

We had an icebreaking competition where we were given a brief where we were asked to make a hat out of tin foil. It's amazing what you can come up with, in a small team, in such a short period of time. It was good fun. Once I get my CRUK intranet access I will see if I can find the hat photos.

We sat with our managers to go through what our goals were for the internship and were introduced to our own personal projects.

Wednesday 15th April - Stevenage Race for Life Promotion Launch

On Wednesday morning Rachel, Courtney and I were in Stevenage with the Heart Radio Angels to promote the Race for Life Launch.  As well as all the promotional leaflets for the Race for Life events and flags for the children, we had a big battle-ready headdress, made of leather and pink feathers, temporary tattoos and a picture frame for photos. The picture posted to the Cancer Research UK East team's Twitter shows us in our pink battle-ready glory.

Saturday 18th April - Turn Tesco Pink

On Saturday we were in Ipswich at the Copdock branch of Tesco Extra.  Race for Life are partnered with Tesco this year. All over the country, Tesco turned pink to promote Cancer Research UK and Race for Life.  Not just in their stores but also online.  We had large pink, orange and purple flowers, as well as flags and flyers, to give away whilst promoting Race for Life.  The Tesco staff really got on board with the fun of the day and there was pink everywhere around the store.  Everyone was really generous, both the public and members of staff.

Thursday 23rd April - Tesco Blue Boar, Norwich

Norwich, my home town, did themselves proud. As we walked into the Blue Boar store in Sprowston on Thursday, the first things to jump out at me were all the pink balloons around the store tills and so many of the staff wearing pink for the day. It was a gloriously sunny day outside and people coming in to shop were just as bright. We had the Race for Life Battle HQ Marquee up within the store, which apparently was unusual, but it fit perfectly just within the entrance and allowed us to be right next to the flower stand. The people of Norwich were a friendly bunch (accidental pun-nage).  

The hardest part of the day, and promoting Race for Life in general, is listening to people's stories and seeing their pain when they talk about how they have lost someone close to them to cancer, but then to keep smiling and be happy for the next person who walks by.   It's heartwarming though, to see people give so generously to support research that will help others and how strong people are standing up in their own personal battles.

  (1) Source of quote:   on-open-access



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