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Living Below the Line for Send a Cow - Day 3

Hangry Made it to Day 3 I wrote almost an entire blog post on the train on the way home from Cambridge this afternoon.  But it's no longer there.   When I say on the train...I mean on my phone...whilst on the train.  Not literally on the train.  But I wish I had.  Writing it on the train would have been more reliable than writing on the Blogger app it seems.  Not that I am advocating drawing all over trains.  But at the moment I don't care. Blogger ate my post and I'm hangry. Do what you like.

I'm hungry.  I was an egg short today because I ate one the evening before.  I had to prepare my lunch prior to a meeting in Cambridge and as I was putting one in the sandwich and saving one to nibble on, I accidentally just, kinda, sort of, ate it.  Now I have an egg deficit.  Living below the line is turning out to be really hard.  I should be asleep right now.  But my stomach wants breakfast already.

I'm fatigued, but at least the caffeine withdrawal has worn off.  That wa…

Cancer Research UK Internship - Week 1 - 2

Cancer Research UK Internship - Week 1 - 2This is meant to be in vlog form but to cut a long story short (of expensive popping light bulbs and lack of time) it's all in words.

I started a Marketing and Events internship with Cancer Research UK.  I thought it would be great to keep a record of what I work on over the coming weeks to give people a glimpse of what is involved in being an intern with "the world's largest independent cancer research charity".(1)

This seems to perfect moment to point out that that this will all be my own personal opinion and experiences of my internship and none of the views I will be expressing are those of CRUK unless I expressly point out that they are.I would like to thank my CRUK mentor for giving me permission to publish the photographs from our promotional events.

Monday 13th April 2015Monday was an early, 5am start. I had to be in London at 10am for my induction at The Angel, Islington where Cancer Research UK has it's head off…