Blogging the Vlogging

I'm going to be vlogging next month.   It's been going around in my head for weeks now. I have opportunities coming up that are definitely blog worthy but I feel it would be so much more fun using video. So I thought why not combine the two and just vlog it?

I've reached the energetic, pacing-the-house-levels of excitement tonight and couldn't keep it in any longer. I'll need to get permission off some people before I go sticking my face and camera into their space but it should be enjoyable and and if it goes well, or I think of more ideas, I may make it a regular thing. We shall see.

It'll be a learning curve.  I've not vlogged before.   I don't have one of those fancy cameras. I'm fairly sure my phone can handle it, but I might need to invest in a back-up to my back-up battery when I'm out and about.
I don't have a scarily perfect face either so...yeah....sorry in advance for that :D


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