Blogger ate my post! seriously.

Blogger ate my post.  A post it took me the entirely of yesterday evening to perfect.  It was immense.  It was glorious. It was cut off in it's prime by Blogger's autosave.

Please take a moment for the loss of our dearly departed post that was snuffed out a mere hair's breadth prior to publication. The post, that I wasted more time than I would like to disclose, trying to find a way to recover it.

When I've finished sulking and considering how plausible it would be to raise an army, find dragons and go storm the walls of Google and demand they return my post to me, I will be back.

Image from The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo, Milo Milosevic
Photo by Milos Milosevic, 'The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo' licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic  


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