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Living Below The Line in April

I've signed myself up for some limit-pushing challenges before, from running ToughMudder, cycling 400 miles around the Lap of Anglia, to fighting in a corporate boxing match, but I think this next challenge is going to be the most difficult for me so far.

There is no cycling, running or fighting involved.  In fact I can do it right here in the comfort of my own home. But the psychological and physical effect is going to be pretty intense for me I think.  At the end of April, I have pledged that I will live on just £1 a day for five days to bring attention to, and raise money for Send A Cow in the Live Below The Line challenge.

I don't like the thought of getting hungry or tired, and especially not both. Just throw in being too fatigued to do anything fun and energetic and that, right there, is the perfect formula for a very grumpy me.

But the point is, many people, that aren't as fortunate, have to live on less than this every day, sometimes even half as much, and don't h…

You Got a Vlog Face?

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Now Let Me See Your Vlog Face...
Hmmmm, yeah! A little bit nervous.
I'm not sure I'm happy with my Internet face. But it's the only one I've got, so if I'm going to be vlogging, I guess I will have to get used to it :D

I did a quick and spontaneous test. My phone seems capable of recording an acceptable video and my Lavalier mic works ok with it, so I'm really happy and excited. I now just need to get my sensible head on, before next month, and get planning on how this is going to go.

The Marie depicted will be entirely non-fictitious. Any similarity to the real Marie will not be coincidental.
No cosmetics or hairbrush were harmed during this initial experiment.

Blogging the Vlogging

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I'm going to be vlogging next month.   It's been going around in my head for weeks now. I have opportunities coming up that are definitely blog worthy but I feel it would be so much more fun using video. So I thought why not combine the two and just vlog it?

I've reached the energetic, pacing-the-house-levels of excitement tonight and couldn't keep it in any longer. I'll need to get permission off some people before I go sticking my face and camera into their space but it should be enjoyable and and if it goes well, or I think of more ideas, I may make it a regular thing. We shall see.

It'll be a learning curve.  I've not vlogged before.   I don't have one of those fancy cameras. I'm fairly sure my phone can handle it, but I might need to invest in a back-up to my back-up battery when I'm out and about.
I don't have a scarily perfect face either so...yeah....sorry in advance for that :D

The Whole Universe in The Garage

This year has been awesome!  Yes, I know we've only just said goodbye to the back end of February. But 2015 has a lot going for it after 2014 received a nomination for ‘Lame Ass Year Award’.

Thankfully, I have a catlike propensity for failing forwards.  After redundancy in December I invested some of my last salary payment to fun.  Job hunting isn't usually much in the way of fun.  As I didn't know whether I would be looking for work for hours, days or weeks. I ensured that I would have adequate fun cover in place for the duration, and to keep my bouncy optimism levels at their peak.  I’d usually just run, or get out on the bike but, ya know,….winter!

It came down to a choice between continuing with my Mandarin Chinese or going back to drama, which I hadn't done since before uni. Drama won out because I was getting more fun for much less money and I could see it might also have practical uses for interviews and presentations (yawn!,...or more excitingly for becoming a Bo…

Blogger ate my post! seriously.

Blogger ate my post.  A post it took me the entirely of yesterday evening to perfect.  It was immense.  It was glorious. It was cut off in it's prime by Blogger's autosave.

Please take a moment for the loss of our dearly departed post that was snuffed out a mere hair's breadth prior to publication. The post, that I wasted more time than I would like to disclose, trying to find a way to recover it.

When I've finished sulking and considering how plausible it would be to raise an army, find dragons and go storm the walls of Google and demand they return my post to me, I will be back.