Twitter Followers - Gotta Catch 'Em All

Twitter bird flying

What conversations are you having with your Twitter followers?

Are you talking with them, or at them? Are you just collecting followers to broadcast at?  Have you gotta catch them all, like you are the ultimate Pokemon Master, or Mini Monsters or whatever it is the cool kids are collecting these days.

Do you have thousands of followers and you follow just a handful, because you quietly stopped following them hoping they didn't notice? Does that make you feel good?  Does that make you feel famous?  Are you convinced that you are important?

Guess again.

You are not seeing what people are saying.  About you, your products, your competitors.  Maybe you don't care and that's just fine.  If you can afford to be that arrogant, then good for you.

But while you are sitting on your lonely Twitter throne, your competitors are talking to your customers, engaging them, finding out who they are, asking what they want, what they would like, what they need, asking how they can do things better to help.  They are finding out where they are doing things really well.  They are finding out where they are doing things really wrong.  They are not only listening, they are engaging.  they are being social and they are getting attention.

Good luck sitting on your Twitter empire.  Let me know how that works out for you when your followers notice that you are not, and never were, listening?


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