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I spent today at Yodelay's free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Digital Marketing course that was held at Drayton Old Lodge.  I'm job-hunting at the moment you see.  Yes...I'm busy organising MobDevCon, but I lost my bread and butter job at the end of March.  This means that, on the downside I'm money poor.  But on the shiny upside I am fortunate to have time free to learn new things in an attempt to get my marketing job of dreaminess that still so stubbornly eludes me.

So obviously when I noticed there was an opportunity to attend an SEO and Digital Marketing course in Norwich, everything else went out the window and I was going to be there come hell or high water.  Especially as it had the magic word "free" attached to it. 

Here's just some of the useful, juicy stuff that was covered.......
•         Search Engine Optimisation
•         Relevancy and building authority
•         Factors of a good content strategy and how to get over writer's block
•         Lead generation
•         Link building

I don’t think there was anything massively technical and Duncan Johnson from Yodelay made sure everyone knew what the terminology meant.  Knowing a little html might be useful to put a few of the things into practice but you certainly didn't need to be an uber-geek to understand what was going on.  Keir Harness talked through an excellent case study of where the psychology of consumers and subsequent improvements to the website content, design and SEO resulted in a much more effective site.

If people can't find your website because it is stuck way down on page 42 of Google and you feel that the information superhighway is leaving you floundering in the slow lane then you really should get on the course if you can.  There were some dead handy tricks, tips and tools that I didn't know about.  So, what am I doing sitting here telling you this?...I'm off to try to put some of it into practice and increase my marketing powers to levels of super-awesome.


  1. That is really a great thing. I would also like to attend the course of search engine class as I am interested in this subject.
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  2. There are still classes ongoing that are free to attend if you live anywhere near Norwich in the UK.

    Give the people at Yodelay a shout, they are a friendly and helpful bunch :)

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  4. Great post, although in other industries, word of mouth is still the best way to generate leads and eventually sales. For example, a website designing and developing company does a swell job for a local business, it can ripple to various types of exposure (on and offline) for the company and in the long run, clients will be the ones who'll approach the service provider.


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