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Sewell Barn - New Season 2013 - 2014

I got an invite to pop along to our local Sewell Barn Theatre.  They had an open launch afternoon to present all of the upcoming productions that will be making up next season’s performances.
I arrived fashionably late and decided to climb to a spot rather than wiggle past people and get in the way. A lovely lady gave me a hand clambering up to a seat.
I really wish I had had the forethought to pop my notebook in my bag on the way out of the house. There were so many exciting projects introduced that I couldn't possibly recall them all.  There were not only descriptions of all the plays being described by their directors but also lots of the details of the things that go on behind the scenes and requests for actors and actresses to take part.  I had to go look on the website to remind myself of the details.  

New Sewell Barn Productions for 2013 - 2014
There are nine new productions in the new season for 2013-14

Festen  By David Eldridge
The Cricket Match  By Alan Ayckbourn
The Shape of …

Start-up Lounge, City College Norwich

It's been a long time since I walked the halls of City College Norwich.  I did my GCSEs there, A levels and and Access Course before I went to university.  It has changed a lot since then.
Gone are the long, dark corridors of closed blue doors, replaced by open, airy, glass-fronted office spaces.  What I remember to be grey, dull walls are now light and above the doorways you can read positive and inspiring quotations.
There's a smell of Starbucks coffee down the hall and a hustling, bustling and friendly atmosphere.  The reception staff are authentic, happy and helpful.

The Start-up Lounge
I am there to meet up with Richard Steer who has offered to show me around their Start-Up Lounge.  I wait in the Advice Shop.  Full of colour, pot plants and Information about what's on in Norwich and the College.
I'd been excited since hearing about it.  I love the idea that the entrepreneurial spirit is being promoted in the college and ideas are being incubated and encouraged.
We walk …

MobDevCon - The Countdown

Mobile Development
Mobile technology is booming and the possibilities and opportunities available are endless. It is now widely accepted that the number of people accessing the internet via mobile devices will overtake those using fixed line PC connections by 2014. Companies need to decide on whether they want to implement mobile strategies. Mobile isn’t the future, mobile is now.

If you are serious about mobile development, don’t miss out on MobDevCon. This is the first
Mobile Development Conference to be held in Norfolk. We 
are bringing together some amazing speakers for you from as far away as Spain and the Netherlands, from Bristol and London to the home grown talent we are lucky to have right here on our doorstep in East Anglia.

MobDevCon is being held at Hethel Engineering Centre, near Lotus Cars in Norfolk. Hethel Engineering is a hub for engineering and manufacturing innovation in the region.

MobDevCon tickets
The Super Early Bird tickets for MobDevCon have sold out but there are s…