Silly Cow - Sewell Barn Theatre 13 April 2013

Silly Cow at The Sewell Barn Theatre was a satire that I must admit appealed to my sometimes....ok, quite often, childish sense of humour.  Lines such as:

"I would happily trade a days delay in my affairs for the comforting sight of an English postman, labouring up my path, and laying his honest hands on my box"

had me sniggering into my Adnams.

The first half of the play zoomed by shockingly fast which I suppose is an indication of how enjoyable it was.  Times flies....and all that.

The story revolved around the day of the court case of nasty-piece-of-work journalist Doris Wallis.  Throughout the play we discover how Doris had spent her career dishing the dirt of the rich and famous for the amusement and entertainment of the general public who, of course, lapped it up making Doris a pseudo-celeb and household name to bored, bitchy gossips countrywide.  Arrogant and venomous Doris revels in the pain she causes to the celebs she preys on and proudly blurts out that "bogeymen get scared imagining me under their beds".

At the beginning of the play Doris is getting ready to attend court where she is being sued by one of her tabloid victims, an actress, who Doris had personally and publicly slated for her lack of acting ability and size of her thighs.

The play twisted and turned whilst bouncing happily along with the witty one liners that had Ben Elton written all over them, which is quite appropriate seeing as he wrote them.

I loved the flamboyant silliness of the Italian-come-street gansta accent of Eduardo.  I've seen Doris's character portrayed with a very English accent but the Northern one seemed to fit so much better.  Yes....I purposely avoided saying what the exact accent was.....that's because I'm not sure in the slightest.  I would guess Lancashire but I'm rubbish at identifying accents but it sounded from ooop north somewhere to me.  I should have recorded a bit.  Andy would have known, he's so Northern he's virtually Scottish.

It was an enjoyable little romp with an ending I wasn't expecting.  I would highly recommend going to see Silly Cow if it meanders through a field near you.

Andie Beaven - “Doris Wallis “
Tracie Harris - “Peggy”
Vernon Brooks - “Sidney”
Kevin Oelrichs - “Douglas”
Joe Nemeth - “Eduardo”

Directed by Malcolm Robinson

Set, designed by John Nicholson, and built by Mike Carson.


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