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Perspective is EVERYTHING

Job hunting in today's climate of high unemployment is difficult. It's hard work and stressful.  There are so many people out there telling you what the best thing is to do to find employment and the best thing to put on your CV/Resume.  Trouble is, everyone is saying something different and it's difficult to push through the crap.

Richard St John gives a fantastic Ted Talk on Success and defines "crap" wonderfully as:

C:     Criticism
R:     Rejection
A:     Assholes
P:     Pressure

It goes for success in all areas of your life, including job hunting.  Sometimes you just have to push through the criticism, the rejections the assholes and the pressure to succeed..

Somebody looked over my CV and critiqued my personal statement.

Despite the fact it had secured me two big interviews, I was advised that I should rewrite it because, apparently, prospective employers might find it 'intimidating'.

I took it personally.  It was difficult not to.  It's my personal sta…

Like a Monkey with a New Banana

If I told you I had a secret that would make people talk to you, make them like you, make them warm to you.  It would make you sexier, help you live longer and  it would make customers want to come back for more.  Of course, you would like that. Wouldn't you? Who wouldn't?  Well, everyone can do it but unfortunately, despite the fact that it is free and there is no secret (sorry), not everyone bothers.  
The power of a smile.  It's such an amazing thing yet it doesn't cost a penny.   Check out the video of Ron Gutman on The Hidden Power of Smiling.  It's an oldie Tedtalk but it's a good'n.
I was thinking about it on the way home from Wymondham on Monday.  What started as a solo visit to town to do a little research surprisingly turned out to be quite a social day.  The sun was shining, it was warm, I had no where to be and had the whole afternoon to wander around.
Everywhere I went I stopped and chatted to people.  In the coffee shop, at the bus stop in…

Silly Cow - Sewell Barn Theatre 13 April 2013

Silly Cow at The Sewell Barn Theatre was a satire that I must admit appealed to my sometimes....ok, quite often, childish sense of humour.  Lines such as:

"I would happily trade a days delay in my affairs for the comforting sight of an English postman, labouring up my path, and laying his honest hands on my box"

had me sniggering into my Adnams.

The first half of the play zoomed by shockingly fast which I suppose is an indication of how enjoyable it was.  Times flies....and all that.

The story revolved around the day of the court case of nasty-piece-of-work journalist Doris Wallis.  Throughout the play we discover how Doris had spent her career dishing the dirt of the rich and famous for the amusement and entertainment of the general public who, of course, lapped it up making Doris a pseudo-celeb and household name to bored, bitchy gossips countrywide.  Arrogant and venomous Doris revels in the pain she causes to the celebs she preys on and proudly blurts out that "bog…