SyncIpswich - March 21st 2013


The view from the window of the The Eastern Enterprise Hub building, looking out over the Marina in Ipswich was amazing.  This is the view that you see as you look out over the Waterfront.  It is a brilliant venue and buzzing with entrepreneurial activity.

Ipswich Marina View from The Aquarium window
Eastern Enterprise Hub - View from The Aquarium window.

Introduction to SyncIpswich's Sponsors

As the sun went down on the horizon, people began arriving, quickly filling up the reception area with the happy bustle and technological chatter. And so began the very first SyncIpswich event.

Initially, before the presentation, there was a brief intro by Carl Farmer and the SyncIpswich sponsors, Smart421HTKChrysalis TechnologySyncNorwich and Suffolk Digital who enabled the very first SyncIpswich to be such an amazing success.  Their support enabled the event to be held at  such a fanastic venue and also provided the free beer that was so gratefully received.

SyncIpswich Eastern Enterprise Hub
Reception area: Buzzing with beer

Dan Wagner-Hall - Testing at Google

 I have seen Dan speak before at SyncNorwich.  He has such a great speaking style.  I have had very little experience of testing but Dan made the subject come alive with such straight talking simplicity and humour.  I love the fact that Dan said that team sizes were kept small, at approximately four people per team.  I gave a little happy dance on the inside when he pointed out the deep culture of responsibility that exists at Google.  And I must have had a grin from ear to ear when he said that the management get paid less than their engineers.    It's no wonder that Google are so successful when their ability to manage change is just mindblowing.  Take a look at the figures in Dan's slides.  They have over 100 million lines of code that are undergoing changes on a daily basis.    I like Google but listening to Dan speak about the culture there makes me want to pack a suitcase and run away and join the Google. The slides from Dan's presentation can be viewed here.  Go give him a follow @illicitonion   

The friendly atmosphere didn't stop as the presentation ended.  Many of the people who had come along for the talk then moved on to Issacs on The Quay for further beers and networking.  When I had to leave to go catch my train, there was still a big group in the bar.  It was great to see that the first SyncIpswich event was such a success and to meet some new friendly faces. Here's to many more and I look forward to hearing the success stories that will, no doubt, evolve from this opportunity to bring so many talented people together.


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