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SyncIpswich - March 21st 2013


The view from the window of the The Eastern Enterprise Hub building, looking out over the Marina in Ipswich was amazing.  This is the view that you see as you look out over the Waterfront.  It is a brilliant venue and buzzing with entrepreneurial activity.

Introduction to SyncIpswich's Sponsors
As the sun went down on the horizon, people began arriving, quickly filling up the reception area with the happy bustle and technological chatter. And so began the very first SyncIpswich event.

Initially, before the presentation, there was a brief intro by Carl Farmer and the SyncIpswich sponsors, Smart421HTKChrysalis TechnologySyncNorwich and Suffolk Digital who enabled the very first SyncIpswich to be such an amazing success.  Their support enabled the event to be held at  such a fanastic venue and also provided the free beer that was so gratefully received.

Dan Wagner-Hall - Testing at Google
 I have seen Dan speak before at SyncNorwich.  He has such a great speaking style.  …

UK's First Programming Challenge For Girls (PC4G)

Alice at Fakenham High School
Today, at Fakenham High School in Norfolk, was the first time Programming Challenge for Girls (PC4G) had been run in the UK.    

PC4G uses a program called Alice, a user friendly programming environment created by the Carnegie-Mellon University, that enables people who have absolutely no programming experience to pick up basic object orientated programming skills.  

The PC4G website explains that it 

"wants girls to experience the fun of programming, and engage them before they make their senior high school subject choices. Its designed to be:

Educational  "

PC4G won a Google Roots in Science & Engineering Award 2013.

The girls at Fakenham High School had no idea what their day was going to entail initially.  They were taken aside and given a motivating talk about what women can achieve in IT.

The girls were then all divided into pairs and introduced to Alice.  They worked through the tutorials for the first section of the …

Audax Norfolk Mardle, 2 March 2013

A friend at work suggested we go do The Norfolk Mardle.  It's a route run by Audax UK.  A 109 kilometre route through some beautiful Norfolk countryside.  As I tend to do with most foolish suggestions, I agreed and found myself, courtesy of Andy loaning me his Boardman road bike, pootling through country lanes.

It was really tricky to get used to riding the bike at first.  I've never ridden using dropped handlebars, sidewards gear shifts and crazily thin tyres before.  Once I got the hang of it and stopped almost colliding with things it was quite cool. Especially leaning fully forward, racing insanely fast down hills and quietly pretending to myself that I was zooming around in Tron.

We started off as a nicely even four but lost Markus somewhere along the way.  That left Rolf, Bingo and I.  The day had started off really cloudy.  The road bike required so much less effort to ride than my usual single speed that I didn't get warm from effort so the cold felt much wors…