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Call For Papers. Mobile Development Conference 2013

Conference: 3rd July 2013 Submission Deadline: 1st April 2013 Where: Hethel Engineering Centre, Norfolk
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Call for Papers & Speakers Naked Element Ltd. presents MobDevCon (website coming soon) the first Mobile Development Conference in Norfolk. The conference will be held on Wednesday 3rd of July at The Hethel Engineering Centre near Wymondham in Norfolk, UK. Naked Element would like to invite proposals for sessions.
The keynote has already been confirmed:
Neil Garner of local company Proxama, speaking on NFC (Near Field Communication)

Bedlam, Sewell Barn Theatre, 23 February 2013

Bedlam - Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich. 23rd February 2013 *********************************SPOILERS**************************************

I saw Bedlam last night (written by Nell Leyshon and directed by Robert Little) at Sewell Barn Theatre in Norwich. I went predominantly because my friend was playing Gardenia. I am very glad that I did grab a ticket. It is an amazing play and had more people on Sewell Barn’s small stage than I have ever seen in a small production. 

The best place to watch the play from was definitely in the middle section of the Theatre. There was so much going on all over the stage that I am sure that some of the experience must have been slightly lessened by being sat at the edges. There were cells built into upper and lower levels of the set (designed by Gemma Goodwin) where the hospitals inhabitants were placed between scenes. The dirty, dishevelled and seemingly bruised and battered actors and actresses remained in character in the cells in the ba…