Making my Pledge for Paths to help and protect the places that I love to walk

I peek out from behind the sofa, hoping that the paths haven't come to call in my pledge yet. I have yet to complete all of my path quests. But this is not Game of Paths. I think I can complete this in my own time, in my own way, with no threat from dragons, royalty or the bank of Braavos. Which is just as well, as I have completed one of my pledges, with three more to go.

The Pledge for Paths is a call out by The Ramblers, for people all over the United Kingdoms to help and protect the places that they love to walk by promising just four things....

1) I will report path problems through the Pathwatch app    
2) I will walk my favourite path    
3) I will explore new paths in my area    
4) I will ask my friends to support this campaign

I have completed pledge number 2 by walking my favourite path in Norwich, down by the riverside and hopefully encompassing pledge 4 by sharing this pledge and asking my friends to join in and support the campaign by making their own pledges.

Norwich Rive…

Come Yew In

If you are looking for what's on and for something to do in Norwich this summer, that will be suitable for the whole family, there will be another free show, 'Come Yew In' by The Common Lot coming to a green space near you very soon.

The performances will run from 30th June to the 9th July 2017. If you enjoyed watching 1549 The Story of Kett's Rebellion last year, then you definitely won't want to miss this... Don't let your friends miss out either. Sometimes I feel that I am always the last to know about these things.  So show the love and feel free to share the poster around and let people know about this funny and entertaining new show x

Check out the poster below to find out your nearest locations and dates....

Timon of Athens Reviews, Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich February 2017

Timon of Athens ReviewsSewell Barn Theatre, Norwich

Timon of Athens, so much local talent.. very impressed — Kayte Russell (@KjKayte) February 18, 2017

Just seen Timon of Athens @sewellbarn. Great show, well done, all! — Rosamund Walton (@walton_rosamund) February 16, 2017

Date night watching Timon of Athens at Sewell Barn was amazing! 😍👌#theatre #sewellbarntheatre #timonofathens #shakespeare #datenight #friday #tgif #play #norwich A post shared by clarerevell1 (@clarerevell1) on Feb 25, 2017 at 5:48am PST
If there's anyone who hasn't seen Timon of Athens at the Sewell Barn Theatre, you should seriously go and see it, its superb! — Chris Hannaway (@ChrisHannaway1) February 25, 2017

Shakespeare's Timon of Athens, Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich

Shakespeare's Timon of Athens  The Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich
From the 16th of February 2017, if you're a Shakespeare fan and theatre lover looking for What's on in Norwich, it could well be worth checking out The Sewell Barn Theatre.

It's a rare chance to see Timon of Athens, which is one of Shakespeare's least performed plays.  

It's also an opportunity to see it all, up close and personal. At Sewell Barn, there's no trying to peer over people's heads or between shoulders or needing binoculars to see what colour the actor's shirt is.  At the barn you can see the whites of the actor's eyes and the sweat on their brow as they tread the boards for your entertainment.

Despite being Shakespeare, it seems perfectly relevant for today.  A generous and kind man, gives freely to his friends, but his fortune falls out of favour, luck turns and the money begins to dry up. But that's ok, right?  All the people who came to the parties, shared a bottle or…

Review: Crude Apache - Zastrozzi, The Master of Discipline, Dragon Hall, Norwich

It was my birthday last week and on Monday there was just nothing to do. I challenge you to find something to do in Norwich, on a Monday evening, when your budget is tighter than a tight thing. So when the opportunity arose to go and see Crude Apache's Zastrozzi on Friday evening, at half ticket price, that someone else was paying for no less, I jumped at it so hard I starfished full force and slid down the side into a happy, birthday heap of joy.

Dragon Hall I do tend to get overly excited about new things. So the fact that the play was being held at Dragon Hall in Norwich already had me enthralled. Prior to the play I'd never been to Dragon Hall before. I've had a thing about dragons since I was little. And who wouldn't? Dragons are cool. So I was happy to finally get a chance to go and have a look at the inside. Yes, I am well aware that, despite the name, Dragon Hall does not, in fact, contain real dragons.  If you don't know, Dragon Hall is a very old, hi…

Starbucks Made Me a Marketer

In Defence of Marketing
Why I am what I am, and I do what I do

I don't believe in marketing
I was walking down the street one day, when suddenly I found myself grabbed from behind. I'd seen the green van slow down in my peripheral vision and pull up beside me, but how could I have known? As the bag, steeped in the aroma of used coffee grounds, was pulled over my head and I was dragged, flailing, kicking, my muffled screams an ineffectual plea for help, I knew it was too late. Starbucks had me.
Ok, a sprinkling of artistic licence. It obviously wasn't like that at all. But if somebody had told me I would be working as a marketer ten years ago, I would've laughed in their face.  I would have told them that they would have had to drag me kicking and screaming to the Marketing brainwashing centre.  I had no idea that a coffee shop and my drinking habits would be instrumental in causing a shift in my perception and consequently in my career plans. 

Ten years ago I wou…

Living Below the Line for Send a Cow - Day 3

Hangry Made it to Day 3 I wrote almost an entire blog post on the train on the way home from Cambridge this afternoon.  But it's no longer there.   When I say on the train...I mean on my phone...whilst on the train.  Not literally on the train.  But I wish I had.  Writing it on the train would have been more reliable than writing on the Blogger app it seems.  Not that I am advocating drawing all over trains.  But at the moment I don't care. Blogger ate my post and I'm hangry. Do what you like.

I'm hungry.  I was an egg short today because I ate one the evening before.  I had to prepare my lunch prior to a meeting in Cambridge and as I was putting one in the sandwich and saving one to nibble on, I accidentally just, kinda, sort of, ate it.  Now I have an egg deficit.  Living below the line is turning out to be really hard.  I should be asleep right now.  But my stomach wants breakfast already.

I'm fatigued, but at least the caffeine withdrawal has worn off.  That wa…